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A Story of Three Bridges: Essential Infrastructure and Suspenseful Roadside Attraction Utilize BAND-IT Galvanized Band and Buckle

December 15. 2022 | Essential Infrastructure

Some of the most iconic suspension bridges are here in the United States: Brooklyn Bridge, Golden Gate Bridge, George Washington Bridge, Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge, and the scenic Royal Gorge Bridge in our home state of Colorado. Driving over these wonders of engineering you were probably more focused on the traffic than on the bridge’s construction or maintenance, but BAND-IT band and buckle are used to bind together the cables used in many suspension bridges including the George Washington Bridge and Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge.

Heavy Equipment Heat and Sound Shield Attachment – BAND-IT’s Automated Solution to Quality Control

November 22. 2022 | Essential Infrastructure

With more and more heavy machinery rolling out on projects funded by the $1 trillion-dollar bipartisan infrastructure bill, emissions from these massive machines is a growing concern. Increasingly stringent emission standards for heavy equipment have put pressure on manufacturers and necessitated more complex exhaust systems in these diesel engines. More complex engines and a huge spike in demand for heavy equipment created a challenge for the exhaust system suppliers.

BAND-IT Works with Distribution Partners to Support Florida Recovery Efforts

November 16. 2022

Whether it’s ULTRA-LOK band and buckle, SIGNFIX brackets, JS Clamps, or standard band and buckle, our distribution network is ready to assist the recovery effort with sign mounting, pole and tower attachment, lay-flat fluid transfer hose repair/clamping, and other critical applications as Florida rebuilds after Hurricane Ian.

BAND-IT Celebrates Veterans Day All Week Long

November 14. 2022

Veterans Day is normally celebrated on November 11th each year, but several BAND-IT employees who served in the Armed Forces took it to the next level with three days of events, activities, and dedications.

Innovative Fiber Optic Installation Plans for Future Needs

October 31. 2022 | Essential Infrastructure

Instead of burying standard fiber conduits individually as needed our customer utilized a large outer conduit housing pre-filled with 30 fiber conduits. This approach allows them to dig once but add the fiber as needed in the future, resulting in significant cost savings over the life of the project.

Peru Focuses on Infrastructure Investment

October 06. 2022 | Essential Infrastructure

A push to invest in infrastructure isn’t unique to the United States right now. Peru launched a National Infrastructure Plan in 2019 which identified 52 critical projects and $28.5 billion budget for telecommunications, electric grid, and transportation improvements.

Hydraulic Hose Sleeving: Increasing Safety on Earth Moving Equipment

September 22. 2022 | Essential Infrastructure

Protecting operators from risks associated with damaged or aging hydraulic lines with hose sleeving is a key component of ISO standard 3457 and reduces injuries around heavy machinery utilizing high pressure hydraulics. BAND-IT's engineered fastening solutions are a preferred method of securing the hose sleeving. 

BAND-IT Cable Harness and HVIL Connector Clamping Solutions

September 09. 2022 | Joining Solutions

Since BAND-IT began serving the automotive HV cable market in 2007 we have supplied clamping solutions to Tier 1 to Tier 3 automotive customers for use in nearly all types of HV plug connectors for electromagnetic interference shield retention in these rugged applications.

Heavy Equipment Demonstrates BAND-IT’s Joining Strength with Irregular Shaped Components

September 06. 2022 | Essential Infrastructure

When you think of road, railway, and utility projects the images in your mind are sure to contain heavy equipment like dozers, loaders, and excavators. One component which has become critical in these machines, as emission standards have become more stringent, is the Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) Cooler. But mounting that irregular shaped component to the engine block is not a job suited to any joining method. 

Essential Infrastructure

August 24. 2022 | Essential Infrastructure

BAND-IT’s engineered fastening solutions are the trusted choice for a variety of applications on infrastructure projects. From the exhaust systems of construction equipment to securely hanging directional signs, BAND-IT bands can be found in a surprising number of places in and around infrastructure project equipment and work sites.