Tie-Dex Bands and Tools

Manufactured by BAND-IT, the Tie-Dex band and tool system is designed specifically for EMI/RFI cable terminations and shielding. Available in standard and micro sizes, the bands conform to almost any shape of connector for a strong, reliable attachment for any application from deep sea, automobiles, aircraft, spacecraft and even Mars rovers.

  • All installation tools are serialized and calibrated to provide precise, repeatable, traceable installation. 
  • Hand and high-volume pneumatic installation tools 
  • Electronic calibration devices


Tie-Dex<sup>®</sup> Micro

Tie-Dex® Micro

Manufactured by BAND-IT, the Tie-Dex Micro Band tool system is designed specifically for EMI/RFI cable ...


Tie-Dex<sup>®</sup> Standard

Tie-Dex® Standard

The Tie-Dex Standard band is constructed of 300 Series SST/Passivate IAW AMS 2700 and designed for use with the ...


Tie-Dex Band-Master ATS® Advanced Banding Systems

Additional variations of the Tie-Dex bands are available in the Band-Master product line. The Tie-Dex Band-Master advanced bands are 50% lighter with 50% lower profile than standard bands while maintaining similar performance. Slim bands are better at conforming to irregular platform shapes (elliptical platforms) and individual braid buildup (pig tails). Sold exclusively by our distributer, Glenair.

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