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Tie-Lok® Fasteners Are a “Cool Solution” for the Hot End of the Exhaust System

Warranty costs go directly to the bottom line of any manufacturer.

BAND-IT Tie-Lok® Ties have eliminated these unwanted costs for its customers.

BAND-IT® Cable Management Ties

Global government regulations around exhaust emissions and fuel mileage have created a design dilemma for automotive engineers.

How do you keep heat shields in place as operating conditions get more demanding? Answering this question is critical, because if you don’t, warranty costs and customer dissatisfaction will ultimately be revealed in the company’s profitability.


icon A Catalyst for Change

For decades, exhaust systems hung below the chassis and heat shields were welded at key locations to protect components along the undercarriage. Today, the exhaust system is tucked into the undercarriage, high-performance engines run hotter with catalytic converters reaching over 1200oF. Add vibration, road salts/de-icing agents and repeated thermal expansion/contraction, and you have operating conditions that surpass the performance capabilities of ordinary fasteners.

Tie-Lok Ties are made from various grades of stainless steel in a low-profile, single-wrapped assembly.


What makes Tie-Lok Better?

Made from various grades of stainless steel, Tie-Lok ties expand and contract with the thermal cycles of the exhaust system. BAND-IT also uses more noble metals in the tie composition that resist attack from road salts and other de-icing chemicals. And because BAND-IT provides complete solutions, they developed the IT Tool system, a pneumatic banding tool that makes installing Tie-Lok ties simple, precise and consistent.


The fastest, most precise and ergonomic installation airbag clamp system in the world.Let’s look at the process and economics.

Welding calls for greater technical skills (and the associated salary), more capital investment in equipment, requires a hot work permit and yearly inspection, and a lot more energy. Ties are safer for workers, faster to install and not subject to environmental regulation. Warranty claims are virtually eliminated, which not only saves money in the long run but enhances the manufacturer’s reputation for reliability.

Tie-Lok Ties help ensure that heat shields protect components and profits

Proven performance is where the rubber meets the road

In this application that’s the “hot end” of the exhaust system. Only solutions made with select materials under exacting manufacturing tolerances can meet the 10-year 100,000-mile survivability threshold and emissions requirements for auto manufacturers. BAND-IT gets you there.

350 lbsWithstand forces up to350 lbs

10 YEARSWithstand temperatures over1200° F

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