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Essential Applications: Mounting EGR Coolers in Heavy Duty Vehicles

September 17. 2020 | Essential Applications

An industrial equipment manufacturer previously used bolt clamps and welds to connect an Exhaust Gas Recirculation  (EGR) Cooler to its mounting bracket, but an EGR is subject to extreme temperature changes, vibration from the engine and moving vehicle, as well as exposure to corrosive environments. To ensure the EGR Cooler stayed in place, they turned to BAND-IT for a solution...

Essential Applications: Where Crimping Falls Short: Field Repair of Hose and Fittings

August 12. 2020 | Essential Applications

Two ULTRA-LOK bands wrap the hose and fitting and are tensioned with the hand-held, battery operated UL4000-D, allowing flexibility in installation – from field to factory. The tool provides consistent tension on each band resulting in a leak-free connection. For this customer, repairing the hoses in the field cuts down on costs and waste from discarded hoses, something he just couldn’t do with crimp ferrlues.

Local Warehousing for Quick Delivery After Storms

July 29. 2020

To prepare for this year’s storm season, BAND-IT has worked with our distributors in potentially affected regions to ensure they are fully stocked with the products you need for sign/signal mounting, pole/tower attachment, hose repair, and more.

Essential Applications: Securing Hose Fittings on Railway Brake Lines

July 16. 2020 | Essential Applications

Railway brake lines activate the brakes on loss of air pressure, but failure of one hose can cripple an entire train, or worse, an entire route.

Essential Applications: Pole Mounting 5G Communications Equipment

July 09. 2020 | Essential Applications

Rollout of the next generation of cellular communications hardware, known as 5G, requires equipment to be upgraded and additional towers added to provide the wireless service. The BAND-IT Bolt Clamp and Band were selected for securing the new equipment boxes to poles and towers.

Essential Applications: Fire Sleeving in Jet Engines

June 25. 2020 | Essential Applications

The BAND-IT JS clamp was selected to secure fire sleeving in place for jet engines because of its proven ability to handle extreme heat, extreme cold, and the vibration of the aircraft. The result is a consistent tension on the clamp and a sleeve that doesn’t loosen or slip during flight.

Essential Applications: Subsea Piggy Back Blocks

June 18. 2020 | Essential Applications

Stainless Steel bands are used to secure the blocks onto a pipeline during installation and the blocks then allow secondary lines to be laid at the same time while maintaining position. Subsea companies depend on the consistency and strength of BAND-IT products for their harsh duty lifespan in salt water environments.

COVID-19 Tool Sanitation Information

June 15. 2020

BAND-IT Tool Cleaning and Sanitation Recommendations to Reduce the Spread of COVID-19

To reduce the spread of COVID-19, BAND-IT recommends tools be cleaned and disinfected at  the beginning and end of a shift as well as when tools are shared between operators. If the tool is greasy or heavily soiled, clean using a mild soap and water before disinfecting with a diluted solution of water and bleach. 

Essential Applications: Next Gen Vehicle Cable Solutions

June 12. 2020 | Essential Applications

Vehicle manufacturers use a quick connector and wire mesh shield to minimize the effects of Electromagnetic Interference.  With previous solutions, the wire mesh could bunch or gather in one area creating an inconsistent installation.  The reduced diameter clamp from BAND-IT can minimize the effects and provide a tight fit with a single SKU.

Essential Applications: EMI Cable Ties For Spacecraft

June 04. 2020 | Essential Applications

BAND-IT EMI cable ties have been designed for the most critical applications, including Mars rovers, the International Space Station, and its supply rockets and crew capsules. BAND-IT’s line of EMI termination ties are the industry standard in wire harness shielding and meet the harshest military specification requirements.